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After five happy years under the .blogspot domain we have now moved to This is to allow a few more options for future growth and to allow us to focus on the various new projects and the MRes course under a new domain.

Thanks to all who voted in the beta test of SurveyMapper 70% voted for the move to a .org (yellow on the map, red was to move to .com and blue to leave it 'as it'). All your old bookmarks should remain in place, the only change is that all the tweets are unavoidably reset to '0' so you can retweet any of the 1500 posts...

There maybe the odd glitch during the next few days as the domain settles in but it should all settle down.

So welcome to and onwards to the next five years of tutorials, courses, news and views on everything urban and digital.

You can of course Follow us on Twitter for all the latest news...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Bit of a cold war geography regarding the domain change?