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Mission: Explore - The Geography Collective

We had the nice people behind 'Mission: Explore' through our office doors this week. Written by the' Geography Collective' the book is a checklist of 102 missions that take you into the city to explore it in unexpected ways. Aimed at younger through to teen readers is just the sort of book we would have loved when we were a kid.

The book encourages readers to become a guerilla explorer and extreme missioner with missions that defy gravity, see the invisible and test your mental agility. Each illustrated mission challenges in daring new ways. Draw, rub, smear, write, scrape and print your findings and achievements as you complete each mission.

The Geography Collective are a group of Geography activists, teachers, academics, artists and guerrillas that come togheter to encourage young people to see our world in new ways.  Its good to know that there are such people out there...

Take a look at for more info, the book comes highly recommended and can be found on Amazon for £5.99.


  1. They also won an award from GeoVation

  2. It would be good if you checked your grammar and spelling before posting. "we would of loved" should read "we would have loved", "Its good top know" should read "It's good to know".

  3. Indeed - sorry, a horrible slip in standards there...

    Post is now fixed.