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Introducing SurveyMapper: First Sample Survey Online

Do you want to know what people are think about that new town plan, do you want to ask peoples views on a new product, perhaps you are carrying out a straw poll or do you want to collect data to input into a scientific model? If the questions can be asked or surveyed, all you need is SurveyMapper.

The beta release of SurveyMapper, a free real-time geographic survey and polling tool from the nice people at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London, is looking like it is only a few weeks away. If you have used other ‘polling sites’ then you will be up to speed, except we have taken away the restrictions and added real-time mapping into the mix.

We currently have the UK covered down to postcode level (that’s the level of your street) - you can ask anything, survey the nation, your county or just your street. Once a survey closes you can download the data and use it for anything you wish or simply examine the map and the statistics. We will be rolling out to Europe shortly and then moving over to the United States and after that the World allowing surveys and polls down to building level.

As part of the move towards Beta and allowing people to set up their own questions, we have created a test Public Perception of Crime Survey for the UK. It only takes seconds to complete and it will help us make sure our custom written real-time mapping system is operational.

To take part head over to and then select Current Surveys - thanks a lot if you do take part.

Keep up with the SurveyMapper twitter feed for news on the beta release, new features such as blog embedding, twitter voting and a preview of the coming soon professional version allowing advanced spatial analysis and demographic integration.

You can of course also follow us direct on Twitter @digitalurban.


  1. Hello,Is there any paid for survey option?can u please explain about it

  2. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Garden's: ugh ugh ugh. No apostrophe needed here - lets you down badly

  3. Hi Sample:

    The whole site is free - so you can do any survey of any size for free.

    Anon - im not sure we used the word garden's ? If we did we would of course be careful with apostrophe's ;)