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Free: The Digital Urban Booklet

We are pleased to announce the free availability of our booklet: Digital Geography - Geographic Visualisation for Urban Environments. Previously available for £9.99 and printed in full colour the 10 x 8 inch booklet runs to 64 pages of insights and tutorials on Virtual Earth, Google Earth, Google Maps, Panoramas and Second Life.

With a focus on Neogeography, Web 2.0 and the various emerging techniques for urban visualisation the booklet has been written as a preview to the forthcoming Digital Urban 'recipe book.

We have made the booklet available via Issuu - you can read it below:

We hope you enjoy the booklet, it works well in full screen mode. You can also download it direct as a pdf file (74Mb).

You can read the rest of our publications via our main publications thread.


  1. Please just link directly to the PDF file rather than embedding it in a Flash viewer like Issuu. That's not accessible. Everyone has got a PDF reader installed on their computer which they probably know how to use but you can't download the file from Issuu without registering with them.


  2. Yep, your right - now online a a .pdf as well...

  3. klueck1:57 PM

    Thanks for the pdf!!!