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Timelapse on the iPhone: A look at the free Gorillacam App

Joby, the people behind the Gorillapods, have released a free camera app for the
iPhone entitled 'Gorillacam'. Of note the application features a timelapse mode allowing multiple photos spaced at various intervals, ranging from 1 second apart, up to 2 minutes. We have run a few tests and with a first generation iPhone 10 seconds is the most reliable time frame to chose due to the time taken to save an image, second and third generation seem to cope with faster times. That said, 10 seconds is nigh-on-perfect for timelapses and the application does a sterling job.

We set the application running on an overcast winters day and the output of 1600x1200 jpgs is more than enough to output a 720p (HD) movie to YouTube with room for some post processing pan movement:

Music is courtesy of the rather good unsigned band - Lemonade Joe.
The movie was made simply by opening QuickTime Pro 7 and selecting 'image sequence' with the pan added via After Effects. The iPhone camera is never going to win awards but for a quick timelapse then Gorillacam is a must have for any iphone user, especially at the price, ie free.

Get Gorillacam Free through iTunes


  1. I had a go pointing an iPhone at the portico on the main site, using a similar app called TimeLapser - however the camera wasn't pointing at the sky. The movement of people around the site wasn't quite as mesmerising, although it did capture security throwing someone out at one point. I notice right at the end of your clip the characteristic "blue jump" as the phone camera goes into night mode.

  2. And it's "sterling job" with no "i". Stirling is an engine.

  3. indeed! fixed, thanks :)

  4. I'm using version 1.2.1 of the Gorillacam App and trying to do time lapse, but the silly thing turns itself off.

    I have it connected to a power source. I've seen reference to a setting that is supposed to stop the iPhone from going into sleep mode, but it's not there that I can see. Any hints?

  5. Anonymous7:43 PM

    ditto on the missing prevent iphone sleep option

  6. have you experienced saving lag when shooting at 1 second intervals? I’ve noticed it will cut out for 5-10 seconds at a time while catching up on saving the images. Unfortunate drawback, since 5 seconds is often too long of an interval to capture the movement you want.

  7. For stunning time-lapse photo sequences, you should also check out our recently released OSnap! Ultimate Time Lapse for iPhone!!-ultimate-time-lapse/id457402095?mt=8