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Radio 5 Live - Pod and Blogs on the Urban Tweet-o-Meter

Pods and Blogs is Radio 5 live's programme dedicated to covering the news as seen by bloggers, podcasters and the citizen media. It is broadcast on Tuesdays at 0300 in Up All Night. Today's episode included an interview about our Urban Tweet-o-Meter by Steven Gray, here at CASA. If you dont have access to Radio 5 then you can listen to it in their weekly podcast which should be online tomorrow via the Pods and Blogs main page. (edit - it was online early this morning and can now be listened to via the pods and blogs link...)

Next month there is an interview on BBC Radio 4 with us regarding our mapping work, as part of On the Map a series of 10 15-minute programs running Monday to Friday at 3:45 PM, beginning on March 23. We will have more details on that nearer the time...

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