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CityEngine 2009.2 Released

Procedural Inc. has announced the CityEngine 2009.2, the latest version of its software for the fast creation, visualization and analysis of large 3D cities. The software is used by high-profile companies such as Foster+Partners, Microsoft, Navteq, Boeing, IBM, Thales, Blizzard, Square Enix, etc. and was awarded Killer Technology 2009 by 3D World magazine.

Personally, we really like the integration into game engines - the example of Crysis is notably impressive:

Key Highlights of CityEngine 2009.2

– Large Data Set Support (over 500‘000 buildings on 64bit)
– Map Projections (over 80 projections are supported)

– Accuracy Enhancements (enabling high precision at global scale)

– 3DS Export (plus advancements of Collada and
FBX export)

Other improvements of CityEngine 2009.2 include selection-sets handling, interactive editing extensions, GUI refinements, better ATI-support, advanced python scripting and many more details providing a good user experience. For more information, see:

Pricing and Availability
A free 30-day trial version is available for download at The software can be purchased via Procedural Inc.’s website, or by telephone order at +41 76 720 3303. The CityEngine retails from a starting price of $ 3,450.

Those wanting a cheaper route, complete with integration with Crysis via 3D Max take a look at the developing Procedural Buildings Generator or for the completely free package, Suicidator for Blender.

These are interesting times in the field of procedural cities...

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