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HD Timelapse: Downtown Tampa Florida

Another in our series of city timelapses, this time by AlanSmithee over on Vimeo who has uploaded an impressive clip of Downtown Tampa, Florida:

HD Time Lapse of Downtown Tampa Florida from AlanSmithee on Vimeo.

It is well worth heading over to Alan's video page as it features a number of great timelapse sequences. Timelapses are relatively easy to capture nowadays using systems as CHDK for the Canon series of cameras. The major limitation however is battery life with, for example, the G9 only lasting around 2 and a half hours before giving up the ghost.

It would be interesting to hear of any readers thoughts on which camera to use for the best battery life...

1 comment:

  1. What about using something like this?
    Should work fine with the S5 IS or similar cameras.