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New City in Central Africa: La Cité du Fleuve

Conceived to appear from the marshes at an islet of the Congo River, North of the city of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, La Cité du Fleuve is an ambitious new city project:

Its not often you get complete new cities planned in Central Africa and if it brings increased growth and wealth to the area then all well and good, it certainly looks impressive. Then again, it does look slightly like a 'gated' city, we lost track of the number of times 'security' was mentioned in the above clip.

Then again the issues relating to planning in Central Africa differ considerably to Western Europe so perhaps we are being too quick to criticise - its an interesting discussion point though...

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  1. disgusting! they are bringing back the neocolonial past! a white enclave closed off and exploiting the surrounding black city. i pray that it fails.

  2. Anonymous12:31 AM

    haha, so it starts already, africa is coming!

  3. The bit where they say "residents and people who work here will be able to enjoy the..." is definitely code for "gated community". In other words, I suspect the whole thing will be inaccessible to the average Kinshasa resident. I'm not sure if a gated community that size is morally justifiable anywhere.

  4. Anonymous8:11 PM

    I have great admiration for the developer who decided to invest in this project; and as a Congolese architect, I know firsthand the need and importance of updated infrastructures in Congo. However, I am appalled by the way this clip was presented. This project seems to have nothing to do with the Congo either architecturally or socially – let alone economically.
    The City looks like it could have been dropped anywhere in Dubai or East Asia with absolutely no attempt to address regionalism. This project would undoubtedly highlight in the worst possible way the socio-economic problems that plague Kinshasa. It would have been more digestible if it had been presented more has a catalyst project that would engage the rest of Kinshasa to get better. But NO! They make sure to underscore how secure La Cite Du Fleuve would be, and describe it as a "True Community". This reads more in my mind as "inaccessible to unselected populace".
    I hope the local authorities were not so easily impressed by the flashy animations and renderings and started asking the tough questions.

  5. Anonymous6:07 AM

    this gonna fail so badly look at it a little city like that will attract criminals and this so called la cite du fleuve will turn into rubbish dump

  6. Anonymous2:08 PM

    hmmm...interesting.Yup - the big question is... Will the average Kinois be able to move here? Otherwise what is the friggin point?? you might as well build it in the middle of the pacific. BTW i hope its being built on "chinese puppet strings" if you know what I mean... coz i will flip out and hope the thing disappears like atlantis.

  7. Anonymous6:55 AM

    You fools!!!

    Kinshasa is a dump. even if no Kinois gets to live in the cite du fleuve at least it will make Kishasa look presentable.

    this is a sign of development, even if no congolese gets to live there this time, in the future they will.

    right now any congolese should be ashamed of showing people picture of kinshasa, but after this kinshasa will look more like a place human can live

  8. I total agree with you guys are the average Kinshasa will have a accer to the city, because the way it sound like it not some how accessably to the kinshasa

  9. Anonymous8:33 AM

    How many of you have ever visited Kinshasa or know anything about the DRC? How many of you would visit Kinshasa or, God forbid, choose to live there? This is exactly the kind of development needed for growth in Africa. It may surprise you but the majority of investors will probably not be walking around in pith helmets and monocles. The comment about "neocolonial past" is far more racist than it accuses the project of being. Grow up.

  10. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Sylvain Mbata

    It is very stupid to make pessimistic comments about this new city. Do you want Congo to carry on looking like a dustbin? I think it is time to see this sort of projects in this immence country. With such projects, people would no longer be wasting money to buy properties abroad. Go on my friends, this is a great project! It is not about who will be living there! Because even today, not every one lives in Gombe or Ma Campagne. The same should be true for the Cite du fleuve. We need modernism; we need a place with good security! Well done guys! Kinshasa Oye!

  11. They already started the project. It won't be accessible to everybody though. The lowest cost for a house there is about a million dollars

  12. Anonymous1:14 AM

    let them built it...and one day we will take it back. They are just building something that belongs to the Congolese people. Plus I think it will bring some sort of economic development to the country. RDC stand up

  13. jealousy is not alloed in this matter, where else do you prople want the city to be build? in dubai again? no! this is why us Africans don't develope because we don't believe in ourselves. yes we can do it and it's already happening, so no one is gon stop us now. GOD bless Congo.

  14. Anonymous4:53 PM

    why people are so pessimistic? Definitely the average Congolese will not afford to buy a lot in the new city. However, not only that it will change the image of Kinshasa, as some have just mentioned above, but it will also invite people to invest in the country. other new projects may come along.

  15. Anonymous4:21 PM

    This is a great project, even if the average congolese people will not afford to live there. At least we'll be proud of how lovely our city will look. The rules apply everywhere, not every french can afford to live in 16 arrondissement, not every londoner can afford to live in Central London. We see many new yorkers in places like brooklyn and Queens but not in Manhattan. So you lot need to chill and let's all back this project..

  16. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Let's have it right: I've seen Congolese renting luxury houses and buying apartments around the world...Do you guys know the current rental rates in Kinshasa downtime & Gombe and nearest...? Rubbish apartments rated minimum 800$ just because of luck of decent housing while demand keep on rocketing!
    I think this project will have a positive impact in house rental in Kinshasa in a sense that a big deal of "Big Shots" will move to the new city which will result in decreasing slightly the rental rates in old town and ultimately make room for people like "Me"
    Just imagine the number of tourists you guys will make and subsequent economic impact…I hope I make sense.