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Edge of Sydney CBD: Stereographic Timelapse

We were about to try out a similar concept ourselves here at digital urban with an old 'one shot lens' and a HD video camera. Peter Murphy however has gone one step further with a dual Canon 5d with 10.5mm fisheye lens rig.

A image was taken every second resulting in the following movie:

The concept is similar to the Dizzy Rascal Bonkers video, if we do get round to using the one shot lens we will post up a few sample panoramas and a tutorial...

See Peters VR Weblog for more panoramic imagery - of particular note is his latest 'observation deck' panorama.


  1. Nice stereographic timelaps. It's however a bit different from Dizzy Rascal Bonkers video that was shot by our company with a LadyBug video camera.

  2. Its really cool, its shot with 2 5D's and 2 nikon 10.5mm, camera's are side by side in landscape orientation. Peter talks about his technique on the panotools forum. Well done Peter !

  3. I cant seem to post any links here but my friend Karol Kwaitek is doing some nice stuff with the ladybug, have a look here my favourite is his tour in Krakow, with audio commentry. Thomas are you using the Lucid viewer ?

  4. coll stuff, I like the buildings, but why is the traffic going backwards? Are the images arranged from last to first or is is something else?

  5. brilliant, I like it. But why is he traffic going backwards, did they line up the images the wrong way while renaming or something?