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iPhone Live Weather App

For various reasons we have been away from the blog for the last few days, which although annoying, has given us enough spare time to knock up a live weather 'app' for the iPhone.

While not strictly an app in its purest sense, using various meta tags it runs full screen in Safari once added to the home screen and includes an icon, making it as close to an app as you can get. Indeed using meta tags is a quick and easy way to get the 'app look' while not having to go through the iTunes store.

The data refreshes every 3 seconds via our offices in Central London, the weather station is located on a roof just off Tottenham Court Road.

Simply go to and then click the + icon to 'Add to Home Screen' on your phone. The page is formatted to work with the majority of mobile devices so if your not an iPhone user you can still get the live updates.

At the moment only London is available but if there is interest we will make the template available for other users and locations :)


  1. Hi

    Great app, though it doesn't appear to run in fullscreen on my phone:

    Apart from that, very nice.

  2. One of the quirks of the meta tags in safari is that it only runs full screen after being added to your home page.

    Press + then 'Add to Home Screen' your get a custom icon and then when launched it runs full screen :)


  3. Very nice, Andy! Looks pretty good. As the weather predominantly comes from the south-west, this app should give me a glance into the near future as to whether legging it to the Boots for lunch on Tottenham Court Road is a good idea.

  4. Daniel10:38 PM

    Nica app! Any chance you can upload the source?

  5. I will do - just needs a few tweaks and then as long as your running Weather Display you should be able to use it with your own data..