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Flash based GIS: FlashNavigator

FlashNavigator is a rapid development framework, used for publishing geospatial (GIS and CAD) data with Adobe Flash technology in web, desktop and mobile applications. As their website states - unlike other solutions it provides tiled vector to vector conversion of GIS and CAD files and database formats to Flash. Adobe Flash utilizes a vector file format (SWF) which makes it great for GIS and CAD applications. The format is also optimized in consideration to size, making it great for environments like the Internet.

flashnavigator from Marko on Vimeo.

The movie above provides an insight into the system, while Flash is all well and good we do have a few reservations in terms of its use for all but a basic GIS. Due to the use of vector data Flash can quickly slow down according the amount of data loaded, a mix of vector and prerendered tiles - such as used MapTube - but with a higher level of functionality is perhaps a good half way house.

See for info and demos...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    flashNavigator renders data in optimized way so it doesn't slowdown while being used. System has on the fly generalization and polygon edge matching which optimizes the map for every level of detail and this makes it usable for much more than simple GIS. Of course the advantage is vector data format that can be easily combined with raster data too.

    Here is a map portal that is based on flashNavigator:

    and here is another Web GIS tool project that is currently being developed on flashNavigator:

    (if you are interested to test GIS Cloud we can open free test accounts, just contact us at

    Best regards,

    Dino Ravnic
    Omnisdata Ltd.