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Unity: City Data and Simulation Exhibition Space - A Work in Progress

We have spent the day giving the Unity Game Engine a spin and to be honest we are really impressed. The interface is simple to use and the ability to drag and drop files direct from 3D Max/Maya/Blender etc is refreshing. We have been able to import various simulations into a city exhibition space, a process that would taken of a good few days using other game engines.

By way of a work in progress we have a new video below:

We will have more next week... any thoughts, comments or questions are of course welcome...


  1. Anonymous5:52 AM

    I have been using Unity for almost a year now and I'm very impressed with its stability and ease of use. The scripting works well and as you mentioned importing is very fluid. I have a game developer friend who highly recommended it. You might want to check out the interior viz work being done by zerfractal on unity3d's website for some inspiration on the graphical capabilities of Unity3D.

  2. Nicolas2:35 PM

    Right now I'm still deciding what other engine I'll gonna buy....basically it will be just for Architectural Visualization, so I'm trying to check every possible solution...
    Unity3d seems a very good engine, to be honest I have to try the demo...but right now a really good one, that I'll probably buy when I'll have a new workstation, will be Leadwerks engine...just because has cool features and SSAO ( screen space ambient occlusion ), a nice feature that allows you to simulate the AO...and this is something that I need, otherwise I need to bake all the texture in my scene to have something not "flat" ( no detail at all in the textures )
    Did you try to use Unity3d in an apartment or something like that?
    The video looks ok, but I really would like to know if I can achieve something really good...not like the Crytek engine, but something good!