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iClone: Build Your Own 3D City

We like iClone, the 3D creation program that allows avatars to be lip synced and placed in 3d scenes, its perfect for story telling, presentations and pre-visualisation. Indeed we have recently used it in a grant bid, sometimes 3D avatars are better at communicating to an audience than 6 sides of A4 paper.

As such their new City Elements series of 'props' are of note providing modern New York style streets with Building System that can be connected and combined. The pack includes 12 buildings and 11 shops allowing the creation of a mid-rise neighborhood.

The movie below provides an insight:

The pack also includes props such as traffic signs and street lights with glow textures for users to make more realistic lighting effects. Their 'How to Make Your Own City' page is well worth taking a look at.

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