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Data Visualisation the Easy Way: UUorld

UUorld (pronounced "world") is a company with mission to transform information into knowledge by providing a map-making and data-visualization tool. And despite our naturally wary view of such claims they are doing a fantastic job so far. UUorld is one of the easiest and most informative data visualisation tools we have used for a long while. It allows access to a vast online database as well as direct import of data via .CSV files, for the purpose of communication, outrearch or data displays within companies or local authorities this is well worth a look. Non commercial usage is free with commercial use at a economic model changing $49.

In short we are impressed, the big players should take note - in the video below we take UUorld for a spin:

UUorld - Data Visualization Example from digitalurban on Vimeo.

The movie starts off with a look at Population Density in the US - note the peak of New York. The software allows scales and colour to be changed on the fly along with access to the raw data sets for some more detailed spatial analysis. Secondly we move onto number of airports on a global scale, again just to show use of the portal and visualisation before finally visualizing private employment data.

Data visualisation has perhaps never been so easy - take a look at for details and download, its quite a find.

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