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City in Games: Fastlane Street Racing on the iPhone

With 8 city routes to race Fastlane Street Racing is the first 3D city based game we have seen on the iPhone.

Its an impressive rendition of a city and while its no Burnout on the PSP the iPhone is quick becoming a jack of all trades. From Timelapse photography to GeoCaching, Google Earth to Instamapper it is almost an urban geographers version of a swiss army knife. That aside, take a look at the movie below detailing Fastlane Street Racing, especially the rendering of the cityscape:

See for more info and a link to the iTunes store.

Thanks go to Andreas of for sending us the link.


  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I bought this a while ago. While the sounds tend to grate after a while, the city rendering abilities are amazing. This little iPhone thing might catch on!

  2. i love street racing games