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The Blizzards: The Reason - Architectural Animation

The Blizzards - The Reason from Wyld Stallyons on Vimeo.

In a return to looking at 3D renderings of cities above is the video for Irish indie outfit, The Blizzards' new single - The Reason.

Commissioned by Universal Music commissioned and produced by the 'Wyld Stallyons' in their own worlds the development process is laid out below:

Taking the lyrics as our inspiration, we took the germ of an idea from the singer of the band and combined it with some thoughts of our own about unrequited love and giant monsters destroying a city. We blended 3D and 2D animation to create a strange, monochromatic world for our characters to inhabit; and thanks to the power of Relentless energy drinks and our ability to go without sleep for days, the video was turned around in record time.

See Wyld Stallyons on Vimeo for more and for more info on The Blizzards.

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