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Google Maps for Fine Art: The Kremer Collection and Image Cutter

Our Image Cutter Software was made to take giga size images and share them quickly and easily over the web by simply embedding imagery on top of Google Maps.

As such we assumed it would be used by panoramic photographers, architects and perhaps a few geographers. It turns out it has also been used by medical imaging experts and more recently to share and display fine art courtesy of the Kremer Collection.

The movie below provides a quick insight into how the site works:

Image Cutter: Displaying High Resolution Images on top of Google Maps from digitalurban on Vimeo.

The Kremer Collection is owned and managed by the Fondation Aetas Aurea (FAA). The collection comprises 17th century Dutch and Flemish Old Masters. The collection contains 48 paintings and copperplates by Dutch and Flemish masters. Many great figures are represented, including Hendrick ter Brugghen, Gerrit Dou, Frans Hals and Rembrand.

It is really nice to see the software used in ways we had not previously envisaged. You can find out more about Image Cutter and downloaded a copy (its free) from here.

Thanks as ever go to the National Centre for e-Social Science who funded our project.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:45 PM

    You mentioned that Image Cutter has been used for medical images -- Can you give some examples?