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Game of Life and Agents in Second Life

Agent-Based Modelling in Second Life from Andrew Crooks on Vimeo.

First off apologies for the distinct lack of posts - a thing called 'work' got in the way this week with various deadlines and conference presentations. We have given ourselves a suitable talking to for missing blog posts and now we are back...

First up is the movie above, which explains some of our downtime. At CASA we are using Second Life as a online urban laboratory to explore issues pertaining to urban planning and public debate in a visually 3D collaborative environment.

We have created three agent-based models ranging from Conways Game of Life, Schelling's segregation model and a pedestrian evacuation model. The models are proofs of concept to demonstrate how experts, model builders and the non specialist can view, interact and discuss agent-based models within Second Life.

The music was not our choice :) take a look at for the full story and more of a background on agents in Second Life.

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