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Digital Urban Gear

Thanks to our friends over at Cafe Press a range of digital urban gear is available for purchase - we especially like the messenger bag which we have personally street tested out and about around the streets of Camden Town, London.

The big news on the digital urban gear front is our first photo from a reader - Stijn Swinnen as featured below:

Stijn is pictured reading our digital urban booklet while wearing the t-shirt and accessing the blog on his pc. For such a level of dedication we are sending Stjin a digital urban mug and he's also bagged himself a free copy of the 'digital urban recipe book' that will be appearing on book shelves near you sometime in the new year.

Would you like a free mug? The competition is still open for readers who send in pictures of either themselves, a friend or simply some digital urban gear pictured in the wild.

To celebrate our first give away we have cut the prices back to 'cost' making the messenger bag a mere $19.99.

Head over to the store for the full range of goods - now at cost price, for a limited time.

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