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Microsofts Sphere: The Ultimate Virtual Earth Viewer?

Touch tables, touch tablets and touch phones are all well and good to explore the emerging interfaces and applications of computing but if you spend most of your day immersed in digital geography you really need something more 'earth' shaped.

Step forward Microsoft with the first demonstration of the 'Touch Sphere', the movie below shows it in action.

Of note is the short demo of the system with a image of the earth. We have already cleared space in the lab ready to house it...

Thanks to Kirk for sending us the heads up, take a look at Todd Bishop's Microsoft Blog for more details.


  1. I don't know about this one... doesn't seem very useful - especially not for Google Earth. It seems fine as a regular globe, but how would you zoom into a map (as in Google Earth)? - the curvature defining the sphere seems limiting to the whole surface of the Earth, not a small section of it. Detail maps have always been best suited at flat maps, this will not change that.

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    haha. how very douglas coupland...