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iPhone GPS First Movie

Engadget have posted a movie of the new iPhones GPS in use. Embedded below it perhaps confirms the conceans of the small antenna and reduced accuracy/update times:

There have been rumors abound of why various companies were restricted from producing a turn by turn GPS application for the iPhone, the reason could be that the unit simply cant keep up with realtime locations?

If the iPhone is only capable of simpler location based services that would be big disappointment, looking at the applications now available in the iTunes stores the signs do not look good.

We would test it out ourselves but O2 in the UK has made such a botch of upgrading that it could be few weeks before we are able to get hold of a handset.

See Engadget for full 'unboxing' and a first look.


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    It's in a train! With a metal roof, where GPS doesn't work at all.

    The fact that it's doing anything is a minor miracle in its own right, so the granularity of movement is probably picking up Wi-Fi signals as the train moves along.

    Steve Job's demo of the GPS in the iPhone showed it tracking every squiggle in the famous Lombard St. Of course Jobso uses the best situations for his demos, but there's orders of magnitude difference.

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Yep true - although our old N95 used to work happily on a train.

    Its too early to tell, perhaps the iPhones GPS will be fine although it has been rumored that its not actuate enough to allow turn by turn directions.

  3. @steve - My N95 8GB, and n73 with external BT GPS both work just fine on the route out of London Waterloo railway station. GPS appears to work well enough in a train, so long as there are windows in the carriage.

  4. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Hi Andy. Nothing to do with the iPhone, but have you seen this: