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Google Maps, Imagery and 3D Cities in Second Life

Every now and again work comes to your attention that makes you think 'wow' - Daden Ltd have imported Google Maps into Second Life and it has just eaten up most of our morning.

The movie below illustrates the highlights of their work and our exploration:

Music by Destri.

Second Life is still a hard sell to local councils or local authorities, Daden's work with Birmingham City Council is certainly interesting and we applaud the progress so far.

As for issues of copyright with regards Google Maps/Imagery in Second Life, that raises a whole different issue between cross platform usage. We cant see Google sending a cease and desist unlike the Ordnance Survey with our Second Life work...

See Daden Ltd for more info, thanks to Mal Burns and his excellent Twitter feed for the heads up.


  1. Andy,

    Oldham council are also exploring the potential for using Second Life for urban regeneration projects. more details here:



  2. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Birmingham?! Second Life?! Why didn't I know about this?!

    Thanks for the heads up!!!

  3. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Forget about the continuously overhyped second life. Spore will mash-up with Google Earth and Live Maps within a year from now.

  4. Birmingham has now appeared in 3D in Google Earth. I can't find any announcement about it, but it includes every single building inside the ring road, and many outside it. I think it could well be the most extensive UK city model in GE.