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Mapping the Credit Crunch: Mapping the UK's Mood with Radio 4

Over the last few weeks Radio 4's PM show has been carrying out a survey on the UK's fears on the Credit Crunch. In association with our MapTube site at CASA listeners were asked for the first part of their postcode and to answer the following question:

What single factor is hurting you most about the credit crunch?

Please select one of the answers below:

Mortgage or Rent
Food Prices
The Credit Crunch is not affecting me

We generated a new map every 30 minutes, providing an up to date view of the nations mood.

The results are fascinating, with over 22,000 responses 49% were most worried about fuel price with food running in second at 19%. The interesting part for us is to view these results both statistically and geographically as the results come in, to date the breakdown is as follows:

You can view the map at with full details on the BBC's iPM page - of note is the rural/urban split with urban areas being notably more worried about mortgage or rent payments compared to other areas of the UK.


  1. I did like the combination of pie chart and map although it had me scratching my head until I realised you'd used a different palette for the map and chart.

    BTW, I completed the sale of my house today so no worries for me about mortgage any more :)


  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Agreed! We should know better :) -

    The piechart has been changed to match the map.

    Congrats on selling your house....