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City Timelapse: Just Breathe

Visualising cities over time is a great way to portray a sense of life/speed and the general hustle of the urban landscape. Albee, a grad student from Atlanta, has created an inspiring movie containing timelapse sequences of cities:

The music is Telepopmusik, Just Breathe.

We are looking into a tutorial on using the Nokia N95 to create HD timelapse movies, we should have some examples online soon...


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    As a general comment over time (lapsed!), you posted good material to this blog up and until you got the Nokia N95. Then the blog got really boring.

    I think the Nokia N95 has trapped your thinking into its little tiny box so that you're now struggling to try and think what you could do with the N95.

    You should throw it into the bin and go back to thinking about what you can do.

  2. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Sorry to hear you think the blog got boring after the N95 (which was a while ago).

    I dont think we over emphasized the N95 too much, it has been a good tool for Neogeography.

    I dont actually use it anymore, having moved on to the iPhone but as a timelapse tool it is one of the best out there.

    The timelapse work will more than likely be our last N95 post (next week), but it is impressive and sorry again if you find it boring.

    I myself find the work interesting, which is why i run the blog, which takes a lot of time and work so its a shame you feel its taken a down turn....