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Live Geo-Located Video Feeds in Google Earth/Maps: Seero

The revolution in geo-location is continuing apace with video content combined with GPS location and live streaming making it the latest 'must have' on the block from the people at Seero.

Gadgets such as the Nokia N95 are ripe for such content being able to stream video live (more on that in a future post), track the location and send data to a server all at the same time.

Seero breaks new ground by being the first platform to allow its users to broadcast live and
on-location through Google Earth. Viewers can load Seero's global KML feed in GEarth and see
the GPS positioning of each broadcaster along with their live video feed.
Justin Cutillo, Seero's CEO, describes the new feature: "the end goal is to utilize Google Earth and Seero's broadcasting platform to create an accurate and dynamic representation of what's happening in the world and where it's taking place."

It really is one of the moments that you have to take a look at the demo, sit back and then think how amazing is the ability to stream your location, video and sound live to a blog, Google Map or Google Earth.

New releases tend to wash over us at times but this is one to watch. If our N95 had unlimited data we would be streaming our route home on the 24 bus to Camden Town (just because we could) but sadly in the UK at least mobile Internet is still expensive so a lot of N95 users have made the leap to iPhones due to unlimited data being part of the package.

View the demo.


  1. 3's X-Series data tariff offers unlimited data transfer form £5 or £10, depending on the applications it allows.

    I have X-Series Silver (£5) on my N95 and it's great, dont have to worry about the cost of my uploads to Flickr or streaming Google Maps data.

    This has been around for a year and a half, suprising you guys dont know about it!

  2. how can i install this program