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Embedding Panoramas into Blogger: Update

This is an experimental post to see if its possible to embed a 'click and drag' panorama into a blog post using a flash based viewer.

As an update to the original post you can now view the panorama fullscreen by clicking the right hand side icon:

Click and Drag to look around:

How is it done?

1) See for the viewer.

2) Create your webpage with the viewer and your panorama

3) Embed in blogger/wordpress using an iframe as per the code below:


  1. so, so super sweet! I do panorama renderings a lot for work and I've been trying to find a good way to share them via the web. I can't wait till the next project to try it out!

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Nice work! Following your example, I did the same myself on my blog with one of my panoramas.

    How did you get the full screen button to work? I've got it on mine, but clicking on it does nothing. Is it something in the iframe code, or have I just made the panorama wrong?

  3. Yes, thank you for the HTML. I've just added a Flash pano as well:

  4. Dumb question, probably, but is there any way I can do this with free/downloadable software? If so, what exaclty is the process?

  5. bruised orange:
    just copy the code and substitute the url for your file.
    and btw digital urban,
    thank you!

  6. But doesn't the image have to be in some sort of Flash format? I don't currently own Macromedia or any other Flash file production software.