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AAG Conference, Boston

We are heading off to the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Conference in Boston on Wednesday. The AAG is always a good place to touch base with the latest research, we are presenting a paper on Saturday for those interested, the full details are below:

Abstract Title:
Web 2.0 and CyberInfrastructure: GeoVue Tools and Virtual Worlds for Geographic Visualisation

is part of the Paper Session:
Build it, Mapt it, Web it

scheduled on Saturday, 4/19/08 at 10:10 AM.

Andrew Hudson-Smith, Dr* - University College London


Web 2.0, specifically The Cloud, GeoWeb and Wikitecture are revolutionizing the way in which we present, share and analyze geographic data. In this paper we outline and provide working examples using our suite of tools which are detailed below, aimed at developing new applications of GIS and related technologies.

GeoVUE is one of seven nodes in the National Centre for e-Social Science whose mission it is to develop web-based technologies for the social and geographical sciences. The Node, based at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London has developed a suite of free software allowing quick and easy visualization of geographic data in systems such as Google Maps, Google Earth and Second Life. These tools address two issues, firstly that spatial data is still inherently difficult to share and visualize for the non-GIS trained academic or professional and secondly that a geographic data social network has the potential to dramatically open up data sources for both the public and professional geographer.

With our applications of GMap Creator, Image Cutter, PhotoOverlay Creator, GEarth Creator and finally MapTube, we detail ways to intelligently visualize and share spatial data. This paper concludes with detailing usage and outreach as well as an insight into how such tools are already providing a significant impact to the outreach of geographic information.


google earth,web 2.0, second life, visualisation, google maps

Fingers crossed for good weather as we are packing our panorama kit, all being well our previously delayed (due to fog in Hong Kong) HDR tutorial should go online next week.

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