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Import Any Model into Second Life: AC3D

Importing models into Second Life is still for various reasons a difficult task - the people from however have just made it a whole lot easier with their plugin for AC3D.

There are three ways to import from AC3D into Second Life:

1) Sculpted prim maker

AC3D's Sculpted Prim exporter is one of the best ways to create smooth sculpties for Second Life.

Using AC3D's popular and easy to use interface, you can create objects for Second Life quickly and without many of the restrictions that other 3D modelers enforce.


2) Box builder

Planning a new vehicle, building or piece of furniture?

Simply create your model in AC3D then watch your creation assemble inside Second Life.

Second Life Box Builder

office in AC3D
office in SL

3) Upload ANY polygon model in Second Life

Want to show someone what you made in AC3D, or discuss a CAD design inside Second Life?

Our Second Life Triangle Builder lets you upload virtually ANY 3D model inside Second Life.

CAD Flange in SL

The movie below details the Second Life Triangle Builder:

Sure using Triangles is object intensive but it works and it works well (our previous maps in Second Life were created using our own triangle builder).

If you have the space and it fits into the maximum object limit then this really does open up object import into Second Life.

You can helpfully try AC3D free for 14 days so grab a trail, install the plugins and start importing those models into Second Life...

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