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The Earth is Growing? A Visualisation by Neal Adams

Neal Adams has uploaded to YouTube an interesting (ok controversial) animation about his theory that the Earth is growing.

Its 10 minutes long but strangly fascinatingly, Neal claims that we are being shielded from the truth that the Earth is in fact growing:

We are not going to comment on the science, suffice to say the movie has attracted 15,000 comments on YouTube...


  1. As a geologist, I will comment on the science - Neal Adams bases this fantasy on a rejection of subduction. There is an abundance of evidence that subduction does occur. Mr. Adams is a fine artist but a lousy scientist.

    This is just the sort of idea that appeals to folks that aren't hung up on facts-based science. Would you be so quick to publish the unchallenged views of climate change deniers? Or maybe Holocaust deniers?

  2. Anonymous1:26 PM

    We agree... being Geogrpahers ourselves the facts for subduction do rather speak for themselves.

    We posted the movie for its use of visualisation and how its used to portray the facts, we found it interesting and people can of course make their own minds up on the facts.

    We would of course never publish unchalleged views on the Holocaust but that to be honest goes without saying and it is perhaps a much larger leap from the 'Earth is Growing' movie.


  3. I didn't use the Holocaust comparison lightly. It was, after all, a subduction-triggered earthquake that generated the Boxing Day Tsunami that killed a quarter of a million South Asians in a single day. Mainstream geology provides the sort of explanations that will one day hopefully mitigate such tragedies - as it has already successfully mitigated the effects of others (e.g., Pinatubo). Neal Adams asks people to ignore the findings of the established geologic community. I think the Holocaust denier analogy is not so far-fetched when you explore its implications.


    It sure doesn't have the scientific community supporting it yet....
    Allthough there is a lot we still don't know, when you refute everyone and everything, you will need years of convincing. It is a lot that then needs to be "unexplained"

    Very nice animation though