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Digital Urban is Undergoing Cosmetic Changes

We are about to implement a new look to the blog - one of the joys of blogger is that all the changes go live so for the next few hours the site could well have some strange behaviors...

We should be back up and running shortly..


The first phase seems to be up and running, there will be some tweaks over the coming days but for now we have a new layout with comments up front and hopefully a easier to use site.

Any thoughts?


  1. Anonymous2:30 AM

    looking very nice

  2. Looks very nice, Andrew. I might, though, reduce the opacity of the background graphic -- to keep it from aesthetically distracting the roll-over button navigation.

  3. Having a main navigation button link to a mailto: is a bit odd an unexpected. It would be better if it led to a page with contact details on it.

  4. looks great.
    I agree with daniel, also think the bg image could be slighlty larger and the logo slightly smaller. just a thought. overall though nice clean look.

    you mentioned switching to a mac in one of your posts. I've just switched (back) too. and am loving it. maybe you could do a post on it??

  5. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Thanks a lot for the comments - we will fade out the background a bit and add in a 'contact us page' the mailto was a bit of a quick fix while we put up the changes.

    Will also take a look at the logo size :)

    The next few weeks will see various tweaks so any more thoughts are really welcome.


  6. Anonymous11:50 AM

    A post on moving to the Mac sounds like a good idea.

    It has completely changed how we have worked over the last month and up until the final straw with a Vista crash we were complete Windows users.

    IMovie, KeyNote, Garage Band etc have been a joy to use. Its been a bit of a revelation to be honest so we may well write a post on our experiences.


    - just off to get a keyboard so we can add our own music to the movies via Garage Band - could be interesting...

  7. The header background image is much darker on a PC than on a Mac by the way (I think it's something to do with different gamma settings).

  8. Looks good - the little tabs out the right side of the buttons along the top look a bit strange though... What purpose do they have? Mousing over the buttons seems to give them a drop shadow that goes over the little tab, so they don't appear to be part of the buttons...

  9. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Thanks for pointing that out - fixed :)