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Virtual Geographic Environments - International Conference Hong Kong

We are just about to head off to the International Conference on Virtual Geographic Environments at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Whilst chairing a session and presenting a paper we will also be writing a tutorial on High Dynamic Range imaging for the forthcoming book and taking a number of HDR panoramas. The tutorial should appear online either during the week or shortly after.

The conference introduction states that:
Geovisualization involves theories, methods, software, and applications for visualizing geographic phenomena in real or virtual worlds. This two day conference aims to address progress and developments in research and applications in this field, bringing together the world’s key experts to present the state of the art and discuss future developments. The technologies to be discussed will cover new ways of visualizing geographic phenomena as information spaces, as virtual and augmented and multi-media realities (VR and AR), as well as new ways of communicating such visualizations and representations in digital environments.
If your going then we look forward to seeing you there and if your not then we will cover the proceedings and technologies demoed right here on the blog.

You can view the full conference program from here.


  1. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Andy, can't seem to find the proceedings for this great conference anywhere. Have a link or know if they are being published? Tim

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    A book of the proceeding is coming out later this year i think. It'll be edited by Mike Batty and Hui Lin.