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Technology Bubbles

Buzz words are all over the place at the moment with the newest latest development coming at an almost daily basis and to be honest we like it. Its good to be able to do visualise archtiecture, geography and the urban environment in general with increasing ease.

In short we like Web 2.0, Neogeography etc but there is a slight feeling that the market cannot sustain all the new start ups - see the amusing YouTube video below.

Why are we blogging about this? We are having amazing problems with Windows Vista to such an extent that we are about to throw in the towel and go back to XP. The only thing our computer is able to reliably do is YouTube and Firefox, everything else crashes (Office 2007 is the most unreliable piece of software i have ever used) and updates fail to install.

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  1. I haven't bothered attempting a Vista upgrade -- mainly due to all the experiences everyone I know is having or has had. In fact, the majority of those cases, they did practically throw it out the window -- they ended-up 'switching' to Macs, instead of down-grading.

    Which, coming from a die-hard Windows PC user's angle -- is a relatively extreme sign about what's happening with Vista.

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I have to admit our issues with Vista have driven us to distraction this week.

    Office 2007 is painful and after one too many crashes and a machine that was painfully slow compared to its spec we are mid way through putting XP back on.

    At the moment we are sat on a Mac which is kind of nice and it works!