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Goodbye London - Hello Phuket: 3D City Maps in Second Life

In the light of the Ordnance Survey asking us to remove our London Model from Second Life and while we wait for details on licensing we thought it was worth carrying on the work but this time with a different dataset.

Thus while Virtual London sits on a shelf due to data restrictions we have used Virtual Phuket as a prototype 3D Map system within Second Life.

The movie embedded below illustrates how sections of the model can be queried to view underlying data, loaded and scrolled by 'rezzing prims' from our server.

Music by New Inception

It is still early days but at least we can get on with the research now without any worries on copyright, just a shame its not London.

Thanks go to Joel for working on the system and Chuthatip Achavasmit for the Phuket data.


  1. The map's "scrolling" mechanism is very impressive. Thanks for sharing the video.

  2. Nice work, Andy and friends. And -- I think -- this is an example that demonstrates the Survey's loss and not yours, really.

  3. Anonymous3:30 AM

    why? i was after the end result of a tsunami over London. This was just shifting Lego bits around without any clue of landmarks etc, ooooh!

  4. Hi, i´m watched the your video on the Youtube of the CITY LIFE . It´s good city, I play the CITY LIFE to, I can´t build the good city, please get me the tip.
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