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Agents from NetLogo to 3D Studio Max

Those nice people over at GISAgents sent us an extremely interesting paper entitled 'Enactment Software: Spatial Designs using Agents-Based Models. Written by T. Narahara of Harvard University, Cambridge, MA it explores the integration of Netlogo with 3D Studio Max.

Narahara states that In the field of architectural design profession, it is fairly typical for designers to build 3-d models of their own building designs within the CAD (computer aided design) software environments such as AutoCAD, 3d Studio MAX. The proposed method introduces walking scale figures in geometric models.

The goal is to add a sense of place to the geometry, and augment the representation of its spatial quality for designers and audience. Through agent-based computation using NetLogo, they move inside the model and display various behaviors in reaction to spatial characteristics such as transparent surface, opaque surface, perforation and furniture.

The full paper, available as a .pdf, is well worth a read for anyone interested in 3DMax or agent based modelling in general.

Update - See NetLogo to 3D Max, Code and Example Movies.

See for more details on agents in general.

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