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First Book Contribution - Exhibition Road Pedestrian Subway, London

Frankie Roberto has become the first contributor to the forthcoming book Digital Urban Book - The Worlds Worst Urban Places and Spaces authored completely by readers of the blog.

In Frankies' words the image captures the pedestrian subway that runs under Exhibition Road from South Kensington tube station to the three major museums of the area. In school holidays it echoes with the sound of excitable children, at other times it's just a souless, never ending tunnel of despair with little daylight, and no connection with the outside environment. Worse, the subway is prone to leaking when it rains, sometimes to the extent that the subway has to be closed, ironically at the time when it's most useful.

If you would like to contribute it is easy, simply go out into your local urban environment and photograph anything that you think is an example of poor architecture, urban design or use of space. It could be a photograph of a run down phonebox or a disused building, perhaps a concrete monstrosity from the 1970's or anything that you think fits.

Once you have your photograph you can simply upload it to our newly created group on Flickr, Worlds Worst Urban Spaces and Place including a description of between 100 and 250 words.

Its as simple as that, see our previous post for full details on the book.

See the Worlds Worst Urban Spaces and Places blog for the latest posts (note this will take shape over the coming weeks as content is sent in via Flickr)


  1. Personally I like this particular space. I know it is spartan, but it is honest and reminds me of big iron ships and Brunel and the coming of the railways. I would be very dissapointed if it was 'improved' in some way. It is linear and busy and feels pretty safe and is a great venue for buskers as the sounds travels so well. I could go on, but do make sure you only include places which have strong support. Do also invite comment from the authority in charge of the place. that should make the book more interesting! Anyway, a great idea and I wish you all the best.

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I was thinking to include selective comments in the book as its quite thought provoking...

    Would you be happy to have your comment included?

    I'll also look into the authority in charge of the place, your right it could be interesting.


  3. There's a whole project devoted to improving Exhibition Road, which is being run by the local Borough:, (which TfL are giving £1.7m towards:

    The main thrust of the project is on making the road itself more pleasant for pedestrians (eg with wider pavements and less street clutter), though they say they will also "address the tunnel’s current state of disrepair".

    One of the concept designs includes a travelator: - also I guess that that hasn't been confirmed yet.

  4. Oh, there's also this slightly pointless website all about Exhibition Road: