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CyberCity in Liquidation (?)

CyberCity AG the software company behind some of the best Google Earth models and specializing in the creation and visualization of reality-based virtual 3D cities seems to of gone into liquidation.

MoneyHouse is reporting the companies status and their website has been taken offine.

While we cannot speculate on the demise of CyberCity, the market is increasingly crowded and with Web 2.0 based consumer level tools becoming available the creation of whole 3d cities is still seen as too costly for many clients.

CyberCitys' coporate video from 2006 illustrating high quality output is embedded below:

It is sad to see CyberCity removed from the market and we hope to see it re-emerge soon.


  1. CyberCity AG was acquired by a private investment company in Europe. The US Company is operating.

  2. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Lots of great things happening over at CyberCity 3D. Many new city models available as well as real estate, travel and urban planning service solutions. Check out our blog at for more information.