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Real Time Weather Data in Second Life

Displaying real-time data in Second Life is intriguing as it represents a direct cross over between the real world and the virtual. It also links in well with our current work with the National Centre for E Social Science and as such we now have a new sample real-time weather map in Second Life.

Developed around users personal weather stations and the excellent Weather Display software Joel at our lab in CASA has written a series of scripts allowing current wind gusts to be displayed in near real time.

The data is refreshed every 10 seconds resulting in the 3D bar chart morphing to the new value. Currently this is in the world as a test but we should have a more complete network in place later this week.

If you have Second Life installed you can visit us by clicking here - you will get a red arrow pointing skywards, simply fly up to our section of Second Nature island.

More data feeds relating to cities and things of a geographic nature in general to follow...

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