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Real-Time Data in Second Life

Importing data into Second Life opens up a range of potential applications from multi-user collaborative geographic information systems to simply tracking your parcels location, traffic congestion or even local transport facilities live online.

Part of our current work on Grid Computing and Visualisation of Urban Environments requires real-time data visualisation in Second Life - turns out its already been done .

The movie below illustrates two examples of real-time or near real-time feeds:

Music by Denny Schneidemesser

The weather data visualisation is on the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Island, importing METAR data and translating it to 3D weather symbols. We mentioned the real-time aircraft visualisation in our previous post, created by Daden Ltd it is an exquisite example of taking geographically located information and importing it into a virtual environment.

Daden have kindly allowed us to show the example in our part of Second Life on Second Nature Island - Drop in and see us if you have Second Life installed at Nature/232/169/116 or IM Smithee Bertrand and we will send you a teleport link.

You can teleport straight to NOAA's island:

Read more about Aircraft Tracking in Second Life in the press release from Daden on their home page.

A higher resolution of the movie can be viewed from here (34Mb, .wmv)


  1. Hey, no offense, but what's with the music on these video's. Is the drama-cheese-factor a joke?
    Great content, though.

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    lo, ok no offense taken, we admit the music can at times be slightly dramatic...

    Its always tricky when your trying to fit in posts at work when movies need background, although it is meant to keep it all slightly light hearted.

    In future we will limit the dramatic nature :)

    Glad you like the content though...