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Yahoo! Map Mixer - Overlay Maps With Ease

Looking back only two years ago if we wanted to upload a map via the web there would be all sorts of questions of copyright, overlay data, servers and a good few hours in a high end GIS system. Thankfully those days are long gone and uploading maps is getting easier and easier.

Yahoo's Map Mixer is the latest development and is innovative allowing the placement of map overlays as simple as pointing Yahoo to a image and then adding in two control points. There is no need for a world co-ordinate file or even a working knowledge of GIS and that's how mapping should be (in our humble opinion).

Once your image is overlaid it can then be embedded in a website or blog - as per below we illustrate our really quickly placed map of the UCL campus:

While our map is not the most geographically accurate in the world it was created in 2 minutes.

It is interesting to note Yahoo's views on maps:
A word to the wise. These maps are meant to be fun, informational illustrations of places around the world. They may not be accurate, true to scale, factual, or official.
We look forward to using the quote at a future mapping conference :)

Take a look at Yahoo's Map Mixer.

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