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Digital Visions of the Future - Personal Rapid Transfer System

The Personal Rapid Transfer System, visualised and designed by greblyksnah provides the ability to travel between locations in a single unit.

The YouTube movie below is charming as its a break away from the traditional future city visualisation - the movie was created in Truespace with a 3D water colour background:

The combination of water colour with a soothing soundtrack make for a memorable visualisation of the concept.


  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Back to Oblivion - there is a little painted world in impressionistic style, hidden in a picture in a game quest. See here for more. In use with the Elder Scroll Construction Set it should be easy to put Your University of London Quad or the London Eye into such nice environment. But beware of the nasty painted trolls. ;-)


  2. Solar powered fast train is a great idea.Robotic controlled little eletric cars are very useful for handicapped people.This project is a very great work

  3. Down with pylons and up with RTS integrated with the electricity grid :-)