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Bionatics announces LandSIM3D®, Landscape and Urban Simulation Software

Bionatics, a developer of 3D plant, landscape modeling and simulation tools for the 3D industry, has just announced the upcoming release of its newest simulation software: LandSIM3D®.

LandSIM 3D - is by way of the press release - a new generation of simulation software developed for analysis, design, planning and presentation of landscape and urban projects. With Bionatics kind permission we have uploaded a sample movie of LandSIM as detailed below:

LandSIM3D will be revealed for the first time in the United Kingdom during two exclusive conferences scheduled in London, October 15th and Manchester, October 16th with prestigious guests such at Scott Wilson, The Ordnance Survey and the Forestry Commission of France invited to testimony about their experience with LandSIM3D:

"The upcoming release of LandSIM3D is a great opportunity for a large range of urban planners and landscape professionals since this new 3D tool will give them an ability to rapidly visualize large geographical or territorial information data that are often complex and difficult to understand in a simple and convenient way” explains Stephan GOURGOUT, Sales Director and co-founder of Bionatics. “LandSIM3D makes it possible to quickly correlate vectorial data coming from GIS and aerial photos to deliver a realistic and geo-referenced 3D model: an accurate base from which projects can then be inserted and studied with their alternatives and their environmental impacts".
LandSIM3D is different from traditional 3D imagery solutions, normally reserved for computer graphics experts. It offers a whole gamut of features and services which are directed towards landscape and urban planning professionals and includes a simple interface which guides the operator with the new use of the 3D. LandSIM3D thus proposes to accompany the professionals in their everyday practice through the following key steps:
  • MODEL the existing landscape in 3D to better analyze and study it in a few hours only.
  • INSERT your architecture, infrastructure, urban or even new landscape project simply in this existing environment.
  • STUDY the possible alternatives of your project, its environmental impacts and its evolution in the future.
  • PRESENT your decisions and EXPLAIN your choices thanks to the interactive 3D visualization. A must have tool for your public meetings and presentations.
LandSIM3D is scheduled to be released in November 2007, in United Kingdom.

Registration for the LandSIM3D UK launch tour can be made online at

For more information about LandSIM3D, contact Bionatics +33 1 56 02 04 20 or by email:

We hope to be at the launch in London and will carry full review of the software as soon as we get hold of a trial version...

Find out more about LandSIM3D via the Bionatics product page.


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Is it just me, or are we getting to a level of visualisation where the compression/size issues inherent in YouTube fail to do the product justice? It might be nice to have some hi res stills as well as the video so we can actually make some informed judgement.

  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    I agree - YouTube while a great service is not good for examining some flythroughs.

    I'll aim to include a link to a higher res file in future and maybe some large screen grabs...


  3. any news on easy export to Google Earth? It would be a strong selling point for us.