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Importing Objects into Second Life

It may not look like much - the Monopoly style house pictured above in Second Life - but this captures the moment our Second Life Importer for .obj files started working. Made in 3D Studio Max the house was saved as a .obj, run through our in house software and saved as a Sculpt Map for import into our section of Second Life.

We plan to make the software either freely or for a very small fee available once its complete. At the moment all the models appear in the preview window as intended yet once imported into Second Life they have a tendency to implode.

Pictured below is the same house imploded:

Joel in our lab is working through the issues, if you have any thoughts feel free to get in touch.

If this works we may well have a simple route for importing 3d objects into Second Life.

You can view more details on our work in Second Life and come by for a visit via details in our previous posts.


  1. Just to say that this is very cool, ditto your cityscape spheres on Second Nature. Any plans to make the conversion software generally available in due course? Also, there are one or two phantom prims on your sky platform (well, I fell through twice).

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Thanks for the comment - the software will be made available if it works :)

    We are having a few problems with falling through.. I'll take a look..


  3. Andy,

    I (and the company I work for) are very interested in finding a way to import Studio Max creations into Second Life. (Sculp Maps do seem to be the only effective way to do it). I think we would be willing to pay a small fee for such a program.

    However I have one question...are you working on a way to automatically translate textures from Max too?


  4. Anonymous12:07 PM

    It would be brilliant if this was finally possible. The objects within second life would be taken to a new level for the creation of high end prims, as at present i feel this is what lets the game down with no object import. Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing the final product .

  5. Anonymous7:01 AM

    hi ppl. will this be released? please

  6. Anonymous4:13 PM

    You used lossless compression on importing the map ?

  7. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Okay awesome fantastic tool...where do i download it and how do i install it?