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Second Life - First Build Rapid Modelling

Having taken our first belated steps into Second Life and created a 'Step inside panoramic sphere' we decided to explore the concept of rapid city modelling.

The movie below details a small section of Newham in London transported to a beach 'sandbox' area in Second Life:

Taking under 5 minutes to build it provides a quick glimpse to how quickly scenes can be constructed and populated in Second Life.

All we need now is a permanent plot of land and that's proving more difficult to find...


  1. Great work as always. Brings back many a memory of late night drinks in Zar Zar's after the pubs shut. I just wish it was on a beach in first life.

  2. There's always a place for Digital Urban on Architecture Island! We're in the process of annexing another island, so there should be plenty of room. Let me know! Key