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HDR Panorama with the Lumix FX-50

Creating a High Dynamic Range panorama is often deemed to require high end hardware such a digital SLR. While for high quality results this is indeed preferable sometimes the weight of the kit makes it impractical. As such we thought we would try a HDR view using a standard high street camera - in our case a Panasonic Lumix FX50 as pictured right.

Taken using auto bracket mode and comprising of 204 photographs it is possible to produce a 75 Mega Pixel panorama as illustrated below:

Click and drag to pan, double click or use the middle mouse scroll wheel to zoom:

While merely a test with known errors it does show potential for capturing those moments in High Dynamic Range when you don't want to carry a heavy rig across town.

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  1. :( you removed shoutbox (as an easy and fast way to comment), but maybe it will bring more comments to each post.
    whats your production process behind that hdr panorama? what soft do you use to stitch the photos and blend exposures and how do you cope with time (taking those 200photos sure took more that few seconds so the clouds didnt keep their position for all that time).
    I also suggest implementing into GMapImageCutter a function that will limit the range of panning (preventing the viewer from going too far up or down, to the black area). a tutorial for that is here:

  2. I've just been experimenting with something similar - namely panorama viewing using low end hardware (a Fuji S5000) and off-the-shelf geospatial technologies. You can see the results here.

  3. Anonymous10:43 AM

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  4. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Nice image Andrew using Map server.. ours are created using Image Cutter which is also free and downloadable via the link on the blog.

    Feel free to give it a go..

    Atomek - I removed the shoutbox as i wasent sure how happy people were to be automatically put in a room when the page loads. It might be back though...

    I quite like the ability to pan on image cutter and zoom out so it repeats but if people do want to limit it then thats a good tutorial.

    If people are interested in the HDR images I might put up a tutorial.. :)


  5. im interested in hdr:)
    the ability to 'repeat' the picture when you reach the left/righ border is intact but prevents from 'getting lost' at the black area up/down. take a look at my use of that function:
    eten panorama