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SketchUp - City of the Future

The third in a series of posts looking at user created cities in the freely available Google SketchUp software.

Created by a user known as J-Wall the model is entitled 'City of the Future'

The movie below is captured in real-time via SketchUp with 'hidden line' rendering:

Music - IML Perfect Day.

The model is describved by J-Wall as:

'A large square island is divided into quarters by two large boulevards. On the west side of town is the Capitol, a 1052 foot tall granite building flanked by gardens. The central tower is topped by a huge 4-sided clock and a spire with a gold-covered star over all. As mandated by Imperial law, the Capitol is the tallest building for 5 miles around. At the north end of town lies Military Plaza, a large field, which, with all seats used, can seat 100,000 people. Immediately west lies the sports complex, which is comprised of one "arena" and one stadium. At the southern end of this boulevard is the Monument to Our Fallen Soldiers, a large bronze statue of a soldier wielding a rifle.

The southeast corner of town is home of the main parking garage; other conveyance is provided by the ultra-clean "mag-lev" subway system. At the opposite corner lies an old coal-fired power plant; it is hardly used due to abundant alternative fuel sources. The south boulevard is home to an opera house and concert hall. Several large apartments and rowhouses are scattered over the town; the southwest side of town is home of several single houses from a failed urban renewal plan. The First House is technically in the central tower of the Capitol; however, the ruler actually lives in the large yellow-and-stone house. Several corporate offices, including one of a large plumbing-supply chain (it looks like a giant toilet, or maybe the Guggenheim in New York) are scattered throughout the town.

You can download 'City of the Future' direct into SketchUp from the 3D Warehouse.

Start creating your own city by downloading the free version of Google SketchUp.


  1. Who would like to live in such a cold and square city !!!
    Look at Canberra if you really want to plan a city of the future, in which human can live.

  2. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I think the main point is that SketchUp allows all ages and walks of life to build their own models and share them with the community.

    The description put into the model shows a lot of thought and this is to be congratulated - its good to have people thinking about space and place.

    But yep as a real city perhaps not the best of options.


  3. hey, i like the model, it was very good and very detailed too. I am about to do a very big project and my topic is related to produce a model of a developed slum sector in Delhi. i enjoyed this thing. i would like to have some tips by you about your whole experience in creating this design.