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Panoramio and PhotoOverlay KML 2.2 Beta?

We got an interesting email from Phil Richards of the 'misadventures in geotagging, geocoding and messing about with maps' (mgifos) blog with reference the acquisition of Panoramio by Google and our post on the new PhotoOverlay section of KML 2.2 Beta.

Panoramio is basically a site that enables digital photographers to geolocate, store and organize their photographs–and to view those photographs in Google Earth and Google Maps. In essence its a bit like Flickr but with the emphasis on geographical location - The 'photos of the world' interface is pictured below:

The forthcoming PhotoOverlay feature of KML 2.2 Beta can be a simple 2D rectangle, a partial or full cylinder, or a sphere (for spherical panoramas) whereby the overlay is placed at the specified location and oriented toward the Camera. We expect Panoramio to be at the forefront of these images located in 3D space within Google Earth.

To be honest we haven't used Panoramio as of yet, maybe its time to upload some images...

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