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The Isokon Building High Dynamic Range Panorama

The Isokon Building in Camden is one of Wells Coates finest examples of modernist architecture. A Grade I listed building it is tucked away on Lawn Drive a few minutes walk from Belsize Park Tube Station, London (see map).

The Open University notes that:

'Wells embraced Le Corbusier's architectural mantra that buildings should be 'machines for living' (machine à habiter). The machine á habiter ideal was best-reflected in his Isokon building (also known as Lawn Road Flats), completed in 1934. Indeed, the architectural critic J. M. Richards suggested that he improved on Corbusier, coming "nearer to the machine á habiter than anything Corbusier ever designed". The building was compared to the exterior of an ocean liner by the novelist Agatha Christie, who lived there for a time, so clean and striking was the design'.

You can view a higher resolution version of the panorama via our Flickr Group.

View the Isokon Building in Quick Time Virtual Reality (4.8Mb).


  1. panorama still got one error, I can help you with that if you wish...

  2. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Yep at the top of the building - we only noticed after we had posted the image. Working on a laptop is so slow with HDR that we thought its better to fix it Monday in the office..

    Should be an easy fix but thanks for your offer :)


    - it was taken with the Nodal Nifa rather than our normal Precision 360 so looks like our nodal point is out..