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Embedding Google My Maps and YouTube

A slightly hidden feature of the new Google My Maps service is the ability to embed video directly within the map. Using the 'edit html' option you can simply cut and paste any embed tag from YouTube or Google Video.

The ability to include video, and therefore audio, combined with path overlays lends itself to visualising our Audio and Perception of Urban Space posts.

To recap - Our perception of urban space is based on sight, smell, sound and to some extent touch. Portable music became main stream in 1979 with the introduction of the Sony Walkman and with it came a change to the way we perceive the space around us. By filtering out the natural and man made sounds of the city we are able to immerses ourselves in an alternative reality of our choosing.

The rise of the Ipod has placed this change of perception at our fingertips and the choice of music directly affects the way we perceive the city space. In our example within Google Maps you can view our route taken with audio from the House of Love...

View our Google My Maps with embedded YouTube (click the Audio and Perception of the City layer and then play within the video)

To create your own map go to Google Maps and select My Maps.


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  2. Anonymous6:01 PM

    If you want to embed a Google My Map in your blog - you should check out the tool on

  3. has a tool to embed My Maps into a blog with a sidebar and presentation options.

  4. "Our perception of urban space is based on sight, smell, sound and to some extent touch"

    I think you have to add in memory, including memory of cultural forms (books, films, music etc.) i.e. your perception of New York is affected by West Side Story, Mean Streets and NYPD Blue as well as the immediate sensory surrounds.

  5. Another tool that can embed mymaps is You can create maps with any number of KML/GeoRSS layers, which includes mymaps.

    Once you have a map, you can link to it or embed it.

  6. Anonymous2:02 PM enables you to embed videos from anywhere, not just youtube, into google maps and google Earth.

  7. Anonymous3:12 PM

    here is a clickable link to clipglobe :)