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Google Map Image Creator - Preview

Modelling buildings often demands resolutions higher than medium priced digital cameras can capture. To this end we often use a zoom lens and stitch together a batch of images to create a high resolution facade.

To date there has been no easy way to place these images online for viewing, as such we are pleased to announce the forthcoming GMap Image Cutter by Richard Milton at CASA (home of digital urban). GMap Image Cutter slices up high resolution images and creates a Google Map template in which to view them, a quick and easy solution to sharing or proofing large image files.

Pictured above is the Old Dispensary in Newham, London - use the controls to zoom in and out. Created from over 20 6Mb photographs it captures enough detail to assist the modelling process, GMap Image Cutter has processed the image into 1365 separate files.


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    "To date there has been no easy way to place these images online for viewing"

    Have you used Zoomify?

    This program does what Richard is working on, except his uses the Google API and Zoomify uses Flash.

    Regardless, keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Thanks for the comment, yep ive used Zoomify. I used to use Viewpoints ZoomView a lot which was a great piece of software, sadly no longer available.

    Google's API is a easy way so share high res images without a plugin and in an interface that people are familiar with.

  3. Hi Andy, as you know I am a fan of the google maps for large images :-)

    For some time now I have wanted to use this tiling method to get very high resolution textures into GE. Is this part of what the CASA tools will do?

  4. That´s a great way of show a picture. Would you show me how you do it? what program you use?

    Thanks, and sorry for my terrible english.

  5. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Great idea! I am waiting with bated breath to get my hands on this...